TEP: the mobility company

La TEP S.p.A., owned by the Municipality of Parma and by the Province of Parma, manages the public transport (surface) of the city and province of Parma.

TEP S.p.A. is located in via Taro, 12 - 43125 Parma.
Switchboard Tel. 0521/2141
Telefax 0521/214444 - 0521/214333

The current Board of Directors comprises 5 members (Graziano Buzzi, Giovanni Bulloni Serra, Giorgio Bertorelli and Alessandro Fadda, who also holds the post of Vice-President) and is chaired by Mirko Rubini.

The members of the Board of Statutory Auditors are Luciano Ragone, who serves as Chairman, Bruno Rastelli and Giuseppe Ravasi.

Founded in 1975 – but its history is much older – out of the merger between AMPS Transport and Province Tep, which managed respectively the urban and extra-urban transport service, the company has undergone a long journey, grown and evolved into what it is today, a public transport company... and more than that.

Tep S.p.A. has taken on an ever more active role in the planning and management of the whole system of mobility, in order to provide adequate responses to different needs (transport, parking, etc.) and to guarantee high standards of service. It must be remembered that quality of service is strongly determined by the context in which the service is offered to the public.

Just to give some examples, the general conditions of the city road system, the overall organization of mobility, and investments in public transport infrastructurescan promote or damage the quality of the service offered. The Company must therefore operate in favour of a general urban mobility policy that recognizes a primary role to the public transport system by making the necessary choices for delivering high performance in terms of quality of service and of the environment.
Only public transport can guarantee equal mobility conditions for everyone and safeguard the environment of our city.

Tep's integrated system is certified according to standards ISO9001 (quality certification), SA8000 (ethical certification) and ISO14000 (environmental certification).