HAPPY BUS: registrations are closed

until October 1st.

Parents can now request school bus transportation.

How to confirm regsitration, from 20 July to 12 September 2015

You need:

1) A passport photo of the pupil

2) Payment of the bus pass (see rates for SY 2014/2015). Those who have paid the access fee (€ 10), must pay the annual rate in full when registering for the bus pass.

3) Valid ISEE form, should the applicant be entitled to fare reductions. When the maximum rate applies but more than one child is being registered, applicants can fill out a self-declaration form about household composition, downloadable from this page.

4) Present a completed declaration of responsibility form, which was sent by mail or printed at the time of registration.


WHERE: Tep Administrative Offices at Barriera Bixio or piazzale Dalla Chiesa, where you can collect the membership card.

WHEN: from 20 July to 12 September 2015

After viewing the bus routes, you can decide whether to confirm registration or do without the service.
To confirm registration you will need to bring a passport photo of the pupil, the signed declaration of responsibility filled when you first registered, and collect the bus pass card at the Tep offices within and no later than September 12, after paying the membership fee for the first four months or for the whole year (also payable monthly through direct debit – a copy of the bank statement header must be handed in, the service has an access fee of €10).
If the applicant is entitled to a reduced rate, when confirming registration he/she must present a valid ISEE form or, when the maximum rate applies but more than one child is being registered, fill in a self-certification form about his/her household composition.
When the minimum bus service rate applies, the whole annual fee must be paid (only in cash, direct debit is not allowed).

It should be noted that passengers without the bus pass card will not be allowed access to the bus facility.

Happy Bus will be in service from the date of the definitive school timetable for all schools (tentatively two weeks after the starting date set by the regional school calendar). For the SY 2015/2016, service will begin on September 28.

For further information, please write to happybus@tep.pr.it.