Ticket offices

Tickets and monthly bus passes can be purchased at the Tep ticket offices listed below at the authorized shops displaying the relevant sign.

Annual urban and annual extra-urban bus passes can be purchased at the Tep offices listed below. Mi Muovo card holders can renew their bus passes at tobacco shops and authorized shops and at Unicredit, Banca Monte Parma and Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo ATM machines. Bus passes can also be renewed online with a credit card.


Tickets can also be bought on the bus for an extra charge. The driver does not give change: in order to buy the ticket on the bus the exact fare must be paid.


For further information about bus passes, please contact the Tep ticket offices (click here for opening times):



Piazzale Barbieri, 1 - 43125 Parma

Strada Garibaldi, 18 (entrance in piazzale Paer) - Parma


P.le C.A. Dalla Chiesa – Parma



Automatic ticket machines are located near the east and west bus stops, in the station underpass.

Information service: 840 22 22 22
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Do you have the Mi Muovo electronic card? You can also renew your bus pass online with a credit card or at a Banca Monte Parma, Banca Intesa and Unicredit ATM machine. Click to find out how.