Recharge online or through cash machines your seasonal ticket


Are you a Mi Muovo card holder? Discover how easy it is to renew your bus pass! All you need to do is type in the form below the card holder’s last name and the number of the Mi Muovo card you wish to renew. You can complete the payment with your credit card.

Please remember that if you have a pass for students you can recharge it only at TEP ticket offices by appointment


You can also renew your bus pass at the nearest UniCredit or Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ATM machine. The service is also available to non-customers of UniCredit or Intesa, all that is required is a debit card issued by any bank. The transaction is free.

At an atm machine: how do i renew?

You need to be a Mi Muovo card holder. You can obtain one by filling in the relevant form and bringing it, together with a passport photo, to the bus pass Office at Barriera Bixio or piazzale Dalla Chiesa.


All you need to do to renew your bus pass is insert your debit card, issued by any bank, in one of the 15,000 ATM UniCredit or Intesa Sanpaolo machines in Italy. After selecting the bus pass renewal option, just type in the Mi Muovo card number, choose the bus pass to renew and authorize payment of the corresponding amount. Banca Monte Parma, Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit customers can also renew their card through their home banking service.

Once the transaction is completed, the ATM machine issues a receipt to be kept and shown upon request to Tep staff. The renewal will be activated within 72 hours after the ATM transaction and will be completed when the customer first swipes the card in the validating machine on the bus.

During this promotion, Tep will not charge any fees for renewing the cards. However, customers may be charged fees by their own banks as specified in their card use contract.

Bus passes

Bus passes that can be renewed through ATM machines are: annual regular bus passes, annual student bus passes, monthly regular bus passes, both urban and extra-urban, and the six-monthly Carta Argento urban bus passes.

It is not possible to renew reduced-price bus passes (for mobility management, the elderly, disabled and invalids). These must be renewed at Tep offices, after presenting documentation proving eligibility to obtain the subsidized bus pass. The same goes for quarterly student bus passes, which can be bought exclusively at Tep Offices, and for all bus passes of any kind paid through direct debit, for which payment by instalment can be requested only at the office at Barriera Bixio.