Suburban fares

Effective from January 1st, 2023


Extra-urban tickets and bus passes can be purchased at ticket offices and in shops (cafés, tobacco shops, etc.) displaying the relevant sign. It is also possible to buy the ticket, with an extra charge, directly on the bus with the exact change.Passengers must validate their tickets in the validating machine as soon as they board the bus.


Fares (€)1 zone2 zones3 zones4 zones5 zones6 zones7 zones 8 zones 9 zones 10 zones
One-way ticket1,502,303,103,904.705,305,906,507,107,70
Minutes of validity607590105135150195215235255
Round trip voucher for school groups (at least 15 pupils)2,403,704,956,257,508,509,4510,4011,3512,30 
Multi-ride ticket (6 one-way rides)7,8012,6017,4022,202730,6034,2037,8041,40 45

The tickets can be used for a one-way ride. If the ticket is still valid it can be used to complete the journey using the city service in Parma.

Tickets must be validated each time a bus is boarded.

Bus Passes

Fares (€)1 zona2 zones3 zones4 zones5 zones6 zones7 zones 8 zones 9 zones10 zones
Monthly extra-urban bus pass29394955596469727781
Monthly inter-urban bus pass455561657075788387
Annual extra-urban bus pass261338422474521567609650692734
Annual inter-urban bus pass378462514561607649690732774
Annual student extra-urban bus pass240311388436479522560598637675
Annual student inter-urban bus pass351428476519590600638677715

Monthly and annual bus passes are divided into 2 categories:

  1. INTER-URBAN bus passes: with departure from and arrival in Parma, they are also valid for the city service in Parma;
  2. EXTRA-URBAN bus passes: with departure and arrival outside of Parma.