Book an appointment to purchase or recharge your pass


If you need to buy or renew your pass you can always do it at our ticket offices by appointment.

No queue, no delays, no waiting. An agent will be available for you, to help you for all your needs and to complete the purchasing in less than 10 minutes.

Book your appointment now!

Select the ticket office you wish to visit and see when the first appointment available is.

How you can do it

You can always renew your passes on line, via ATM or in authorized shops (ex. tobacconists etc.). Only in few cases you have to come to our offices: for example when it’s the first time you buy a pass or when you have to prove you are entitled to obtain special discounts (students, Erasmus guests, disabled people etc.). 

This service offers you the opportunity to book your appointment at ticket offices and complete the purchasing in few minutes without wasting your time.  Choose the ticket office you wish to visit (Barriera Bixio, P.le Paer angolo via Garibaldi o in Cicletteria c/o la Stazione) and check whick day and time are available to select and book your appointment.  

Remember to book your appointment in advance when your pass is expiring, so that you can renew it without delays.
Mind that 2nd half of August, September and October are particularly busy for our ticket offices. When you recharge your pass before expiry, recharging is valid from the day after due date.