Park and Ride

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With the South Park and Ride, inaugurated on February 2001, the people of Parma have discovered a new way of getting around. Car+bus has become for many a pleasant habit and it is part of the sustainable mobility project of the Municipality of Parma and Tep S.p.A. Our final goal is turning into reality: a city with fewer cars and many alternative solutions for the rapid transportation of people.

Choose convenience

There are 8 Park and Ride facilities in the city and the buses connecting move along three directions: North to SouthSouth-East to South-West and East to West.
The Park and Ride facilities are connected to the city centre by bus routes:

  • The South East Park and Ride, in via Traversetolo, is serviced by bus routes 8 and 11
  • The South Park and Ride, in via Langhirano, near the University Campus roundabout, is serviced by bus routes 21 and 14 (in certain time bands and during University lessons) and by bus route 7 on weekends and holidays.
  • The North Park and Ride, near the A1 motorway exit, is serviced by bus routes 2 and 13
  • The West Park and Ride, near the Crocetta area, is serviced by bus route 23
  • The East Park and Ride, near the Ex-Salamini area, is serviced by bus route 23
  • The new Park and Ride in Viale Villetta (with ticket machine on the corner of Viale Villetta and via Stirone) is connected to the city centre by bus route 1

as well as the two most recently opened ones:

  • the Palasport Park and Ride, in largo Beccaria, serviced by bus route 5
  • the Cavagnari Park and Ride, connected to the city centre by bus route 6

Choose to save

If you leave your car at the Park and Ride you can get a ticket at the ticket machines: only €2.50 for parking and riding on any city bus in the urban area, all day long! Getting around the city has never been so convenient. The ticket, valid all day, can be bought at the Ride and Park ticket machine with credit card. A regular ticket can also be used: once validated on the bus, it will be valid for 80 minutes.