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Urban fares

from 1st January 2023


Urban tickets and bus passes can be purchased at ticket offices and in shops (cafés, tobacco shops, etc) displaying the relevant sign. For an extra charge and with the exact change, it is also possible to buy the ticket on the bus.

Automatic ticket machines are installed at:

  • Park and Ride facilities (24/7)

Passengers must validate their tickets in the ticket validation machine as soon as they board the bus.


Single ticket – valid 80 minutes€ 1,60
Ticket bought at Park and Ride facilities
valid the whole day
€ 2,60
Day ticket€ 4,80
Ticket for 8 single rides
valid for 80 minutes for each ride
€ 11,00
Round trip voucher for school groups
(at least 15 students and a maximum of 3 adults)
€ 2,50

Bus Passes

Bus passesFares
Regular monthly bus pass€ 34
Quarterly student bus pass (*)€ 85
Personal annual bus pass€ 289
Annual student bus pass€ 195
Monthly Carta Argento bus pass
for residents in the municipality of Parma,
aged 70 and over (*)
€ 27
Six-month Carta Argento bus pass
for residents in the municipality of Parma,
aged 70 and over (*)
€ 108
Abbonamento navetta stadio€ 48

(*) Valid with Mi Muovo card

 (**) Minimum age limit: 53 years for women, 63 years for men. With income limits (within €18,097 if not living alone, €20,150 if living alone). In order to obtain a reduced-price bus pass, elderly married couples who are not legally separated must have a joint income no higher than €28,368. The rate is tied to the availability of funds. For further information contact Tep ticket offices.

 (***) Fare reductions subject to income limits. For further information contact Tep ticket offices.

(****) Erasmus students can buy their special pass at ticket shops only in via Garibaldi, Barriera Bixio and beside the railway station (Cicletteria). They must show the certificate showing their registration to the University of Parma (document issued by the University).

Students can obtain reduced-price bus passes until the age of 26.

Card Mi Muovo

It can be requested at Tep ticket offices and costs € 5,00. A recent passport photo must be provided.